The Handbook of
The Message of I Paul

The Handbook consists of three books: The Discernment, The Chief Patriarch Missiles and The I Paul Communications

The Discernment is the first book in the Handbook Series of The Message of I Paul. It is an individual and collective explanation of The Message originally to two Mystics and subsequently gifted to us for our personal enlightenment. It speaks to current conditions of each of us and how to get out of our entrapments and open our minds to divine consciousness. This is a book of Freedom and Love and it works for your healing and the perfection of your human consciousness.

The Chief Patriarch Missiles is the second book in the Handbook series. The CPMs are a collection of communications and subject that continue the edification of the individual on his/her path toward Divine Consciousness. It contains personal disciplines and instruction that assists the seeker of Truth in his/her quest to the Truth and Power of being Fully Human and Fully Spiritual. This is a full discourse in Honesty, Purity, Unselfishness and Love. Find out all that is open to you.

The I Paul Communications is the third book in the Handbook series. Can you set aside your preconceived ideas about what you currently understand as the realities of Life just long enough to truly see the actual reality of the wonders that you have been blinded to? That’s the challenge and opportunity offered herein. Dare to venture into this collection of concepts geared to true self discovery and an expanding LIFE (God) Consciousness. The promise is real and what is asked is little. Check it out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Message of I Paul is a collection of Automatic Writings, Thought Transferences, Knowledge and Understandings acquired in Transcendences, excerpts from Ancient and Sacred Script, and some thoughts of my own as well as some excerpts from older recipients of Automatic Writings and Thought Transferences from Spirit. The Message has both its surface meaning and its underlying meaning which is, in the beginning, difficult of comprehension, until mastery is attained by close adherence to the directions given in the Message proper.

The Family of LIFE & LIGHT is the entire collection of people who are seeking the Truth of LIFE. The ones that are willing to walk away from “self,” an illusion, and embrace the infinite possibilities of their personal realities. The members recognize that perfecting human consciousness is an individual effort performed in a collective. We care and share our individual progress in any way that can help others to grow in their freedom. Our task and mission is to destroy all our personal illusions and to live in the full consciousness of LIFE & LIGHT.

  • Return to the true understanding that you are a spirit inhabiting a body.
  • Reestablish unobstructed and uncorrupted conscious contact with Spirit.
  • Remove all obstacles to true perception.
  • Return to one’s own natural state of consciousness.
  • Act Natural as a spirit in the flesh.

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