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The Message of I Paul is a collection of Automatic Writings, Thought Transferences, Knowledge and Understandings acquired in Transcendences, excerpts from Ancient and Sacred Script, and some thoughts of my own as well as some excerpts from older recipients of Automatic Writings and Thought Transferences from Spirit. The Message has both its surface meaning and its underlying meaning which is, in the beginning, difficult of comprehension, until mastery is attained by close adherence to the directions given in the Message proper.

The Family of LIFE & LIGHT is the entire collection of people who are seeking the Truth of LIFE. The ones that are willing to walk away from “self,” an illusion, and embrace the infinite possibilities of their personal realities. The members recognize that perfecting human consciousness is an individual effort performed in a collective. We care and share our individual progress in any way that can help others to grow in their freedom. Our task and mission is to destroy all our personal illusions and to live in the full consciousness of LIFE & LIGHT.

  • Return to the true understanding that you are a spirit inhabiting a body.
  • Reestablish unobstructed and uncorrupted conscious contact with Spirit.
  • Remove all obstacles to true perception.
  • Return to one’s own natural state of consciousness.
  • Act Natural as a spirit in the flesh.

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