Faith exists naturally…

Faith exists naturally rather than being acquired, existing then, as an inherent attribute. It is this Faith we give each other in the belief, credit, and trust which is the bond of all society. On it, all Science, all government, all commerce, all covenants of daily intercourse are based. Without it, the fairest share of all our work, and certainly all our well-being, would vanish. We trust each other rightly by our nature, despite so many disappointments. You see, these capacities are not really learned, they are innate, a gift from Spirit which we are obligated to perfect in this lifetime. Perfect Faith, then, is the Full Measure of Faith totally activated on two levels, the spiritual and the physical.

Your True-Self has all faith in you, simply because it cannot disbelieve what it already knows, the problem lies with us, here in the Physical Realm, we can disbelieve and many do.

We were endowed with Faith for two basic reasons.

  1. For the ability to know and have life more abundantly and;
  2. To believe in LIFE and from that belief grow in Faith so that we can “know” LIFE, its Love, its Truth, its Justice, its Mercy, its Grace, its LIGHT and its Kingdom, which is Power and Glory beyond our comprehension.

Since Faith is a gift of the Spirit, it has every Right to demand it from us and does. To yield it is within our natural capacity to do so and this also entails our performance of Good-Works and to live Righteously. Yet, The Supreme Spirit does not require of us any act which is not within our capacity, or any belief that is not reasonable, nor any principle which does not raise us up and ennoble our natures.

Mere belief is, therefore, not Recognized.

Mere Faith without works is not Recognized.

Religious Faith is noted but it is not Good enough for the Supreme Spirit for it demands worship and Obedience from a spiritual stance – not from dogma, ritual, or performances for the purpose of praise.

Physical-material Faith is futile, feeble, purposeless, and a slight mental act and struggle with very little true results, and therefore not Spiritual.

The Full Measure of Faith is purely Spiritual Faith and serves only the Supreme Spirit and its Kingdom and all that it contains, it is the “Knowing” Faith of “LIFE IS” – “I AM”! It is the Faith-full who are in The LIGHT and The LIGHT is in them and active.

When we become co-workers with Spirit and a servant to LIFE and LIGHT a much-increased ability is bestowed upon us until we have acquired the Full Measure of Faith, which can be summed up in a few words such as Recognition, Responsibility, Self-Discipline, Love, Truth, Obedience, Abandonment, Surrender, Unquestioning Trust and Power!

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