The Basis of the Message – A Call to Act!

The Message of I Paul is primarily about two basic truths.

1. Proof of Life after death.

2. Personal spiritual needs in tandem with the collective human needs.

In The Message of I Paul and in the message that Jesus taught, Men-Women are called to live in two worlds at the same moment:

1. The physical world of persons and;

2. The spiritual realm of spirits (heaven) so that when the personal-spiritual eschaton comes they will be properly fit to enter into the Kingdom of LIFE with real Life having been Fully Human and Fully Spiritual prior to decease here.

Jesus, and Paul after him, spoke primarily to individuals, teaching them about their true nature and their needs. We are asked to serve the Kingdom, first as individuals and secondly as a group. The manifested impact of the power of the Kingdom of God is the human mind and its personality. But most individuals today are still holding to the form of religion and in so doing they are denying the power of the Kingdom within them.

Service to the Kingdom reconfigures the human mind (lower mind) to a state of obedience or unity to its higher mind (spirit mind) or true self.

Our greatest need at present is to touch the individual heart and reach the individual mind by showing, telling then, and demonstrating then, the Way to The Way to them. We do this both as individuals and as a collective through sharing how it works via gatherings, newsletters and the distribution of pertinent sections of the Message to these various “stuck-in” individuals.

We all get “stuck-in” as various times and places in our personal lives. It is through caring and sharing our struggles and discoveries in an honesty to and in personal spiritualism, personal morality and personal discipline, help each other progress toward our personal and collective preparations. Spiritual growth – being Fully Human and Fully Spiritual!

Doing is greater than Being. Doing brings about actualization. It peels away the barriers and opens one to full and true consciousness. Doing disabuses one of the false “self” and opens an infinitude of personal potential. Being highly motivated by spirit is not demonstrated by any rushing forward blindly. On the contrary, it is a clear indication of the control of “self” in the perfection of human consciousness and the activation of the Mind of Christ within us.

We have the Kingdom Now if only we will utilize it for the benefit of All. For it is always within the range of our eyes and ears and we in its. For although the Kingdom cometh not by observation, neither shall they say, lo here! or, lo there! for, behold the Kingdom of God is within you.

Action is the key to all things.

Action changes all things.

Action brings forth all good things.

Action heals all wounds.

Action brings help.

Action activates Energy.

Action is the Kingdom within at work.

Action is Power and Wisdom.

Action is tireless.

Action is Truth in motion.

Action is perpetual revelation.

Action is thought creating.

Action is LIFE and Life and life.

Action is LIGHT and Righteous Light.

All of these and more, are, of course, the things of Right Action, the products of Good Action and the manifestations of True Action.

Inaction is spiritual stagnation, the cause of all the wrongs, the troubles, the evils of this materialistically minded world. The light of the minds of men-women, for all practical purposes and spiritual righteousness, are buried, hidden under a basket and their salt has lost its savor. This must be turned around. Through this Message, it can be shown to Men-Women the how of making this happen.

Let your light shine forth to one and all and see the Light and the LIGHT of The ALL in ALL.

You see, the Good or the bad, the Right or the wrong, the True or the untrue are all equally simple to manifest and Be. The choice, the Freedom of choice, is yours for that is the love of God’s Justice wherein God actually allows you to Judge yourself through your Actions and/or inactions. This way, you see, every day is Judgement Day and you are the Judge under God’s imperative.

You may be aware or unaware of this self-judgement, it matters not, for you are Aware of The Need of Order in all your thoughts, acts and deeds and it is this “order” that is God’s Justice, yesterday, today, tomorrow; past, present, eschaton; Now-Future; you carry it with you no matter where you go for it is of the Spirit and not of matter, time or space.

Now can you truly “see” why slaying “self” and “recreating” yourself daily is so imperative a matter and why Order should be so dear to our hearts and minds? I sincerely hope so.

Order then is Justice in Action and Right Action is Order.

In All Love

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