The First Communication

Communication Number One

The soul or spirit of consciousness comes from God.

Starting from life’s experiences on earth and continuing in spirit planes after the transition of death, each individual is in a process of evolution, and he must eventually improve himself to the point of sublimity. He is created for one purpose. To return in a perfected state to augment the nucleus of Supreme Power. The expanding universe is controlled by an expanding God Consciousness which is increased by the constant addition of perfected human consciousness. Those who have lived here badly will suffer badly mentally for a long while after death. A suffering of their own making. These are the first born.

There is no way you can achieve true happiness and peace of mind until you once again return to the old concept of man as a spirit inhabiting a body.

Now that you have become aware that the plan of the universe is a perfect plan, and that you are a fundamental aspect of it, you will recognize your worth and that of all others. Guardians will help you. You must not allow possession. You have the potentials and opportunities for growth on earth. Work and beware of the flickering light in your eye and by whose stripes you were healed, so shall you heal. You will place all things under his feet. Fix well your thoughts only on what is good and true and right. You are free of the old. Behold His land is in you. Dwell where it pleases you but stay close to those who struggle. Never let them go. You will not be forbidden, your hands will guide you. They shall be asked for. Let the word come out freely. What you will see many will reject. What only you can see all will vilify. Truth can destroy as well as create, Truth can enrich as well as lay poor.

The Next Round of Receiving The Message for this Generation

The above communication is the beginning of the next round of Spirit’s attempt to get man to pay attention. It is a necessary adjustment to the current track and direction to man’s and woman’s destiny. That is, to perfect his/her human consciousness, reestablish true personal happiness and restore true peace of mind. This process begins with accepting the eternal concept that you are a spirit inhabiting a body. The body doesn’t have a spirit. The spirit, your spirit, has a body! There is a difference!

The Soul or Spirit of Consciousness comes from LIFE.

This begins the guidance and education of man/woman toward their true purpose and ability to live a full and loving life. You are part of something really great and it’s time for you to be aware of this and to embrace and participate in this universal and perfect plan.

This spiritual receiving dates back to February 3rd, 1977. There have been hundreds more received, all in the direction of lifting your mind(s) from untruths, half-truths, misconceptions, etc. to the truth of our being, our capabilities and our individual and collective direction.

The Message of I Paul is the collection of receivings, thought transferences, automatic writings, dissertations, teachings, and exhortations to actions to implement change. The terms therein are intended to be universal and inclusive. For example LIFE is the Universal Principle and Person of God; LIGHT is the first Creation of LIFE – Christ, Heavenly Messiah, Son of God, etc. The point is to try not to get hung up on the terms used in various cultures but to grasp the universal concept and its meaning and relationship to you.

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