Birth – What Is “In-between” – Death


When we arrived here, we were I AM. Then someone gave us a name.

From the moment we received that name we had a task. That task was to remember who and what we were before we were given that name.

The “In-Between”

In all of our time in-between arriving here and leaving here we believe we are this name. We have many experiences and go through many changes. In all of this in-between time we engage with our successes, mistakes, memories, joys and sorrows, doubt and fears thinking we are the name we received when we came here. We identify with this name and yet we sense there is something other, something more, something more expansive than this person with the name. We struggle with the thought that there is something we need to remember. It is innate in us and if innate, it must have been there before we arrived here. We feel we need to get back to what we used to be before we received a name.

The Remembering

If we succeed, if we remember, we discover that we never used to be. We always were.  WE just ARE.  WE were always there ever present in all of our in-between time. WE come from a place that never changes and WE cannot die. There is no place that WE are not. It is the indistinguishable Truth that lives in every living being that GOD IS I AM.

The Recognition

We are radiating centers of Divine LIFE, Light and Wisdom.

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